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The list is still growing as I find more and more voices in medicine I like. If you have a blog I don't know about it, feel free to email me or comment.

I think you have to be a little unbalanced to keep a blog while in medical school, rotations, internships, residency or in practice, so keep that in mind while reading. We're all a little nuts.

1st and 2nd year med students

Action Potential - Hil-arious posts about medicine and life in general from a second year med student. Funniest blog I have read in a long time. Author has strange fascination with sharks.

3rd and 4th year med students (in rotations)

Asystole is the Most Stable Rhythm: A female medical student who is rotating in Ireland this semester. She's charming; very girl-next-door in my opinion. Writes about rotations, Ireland culture and random foot ailments. Very honest with her posts.

I am Not House: A male Canadian medical student currently in the midst of rotations. He writes about life outside of medical sometimes, and more often, about his rotations. He has no affiliation with the show "House" though (as his title suggests), so don't click for the wrong reasons. However, his blog is funnier and, in my opinion, better than the last season of House. It's really gone down hill. I am sadface. I kind of hope Not House doesn't read this; he'll probably ban me from his blog.

JeffreyMD - Fourth year med student doing rotations. Well-written, professional blog including lots of stories from the hospital and a bit of commentary on articles/issues he feels are important or interesting. Great blog for discussion; he responds really well to comments!


The Long Road to Medical School: A female MD/PhD student who goes by the call sign "OldMDGirl". Her name kind of gives it away. She's older, mature, married (or maybe just committed?) and seriously sarcastic (which I love). Her and I sometimes wittily banter back and forth. She writes about everything, but mainly about her current PhD experiences as of August 2011.


Agraphia - Emergency medicine resident. Captivating stories; fluctuates between humorous and dark posts. Excellent read.

Anonymous Doc: As his title so eloquently states: "Third year internal medicine resident at a big city hospital. Or not." So either he's a really good faker, of he actually is a resident. Funniest patient conversations ever. Cracks me up every time I read his posts. His posts mainly focus on sarcastic analysis of crazy patients. Which include just about everyone. I just started reading, but I love it.

Random Acts of Medicine: Female doctor, wet-behind-the-ears intern working at a large US hospital. She says she looks like Lexie Grey (from the show Grey's Anatomy), which sort of makes me put Lexie's character onto the blog writer. Fortunately, I like Lexie Grey (except she really should be with Mark), so it's all good in the hood. I could read her posts every day; I love them. They are relevant to how she feels about medicine, her intern year and the patients she sees, and most interestingly, the things she is learning along the way.

Table for One: Female doctor becoming an internist. Not exactly sure where in her education she is. She writes about everything; I find her posts very emotionally charged. I like that she writes about being single as well; I think it's so important to be comfortable with yourself.

Non-resident doctors 

Doctor Grumpy in the House: A blog dedicated to whining. No really, it's in the description of the blog! Doctor Grumpy is the proverbial fed-up doctor (he really could be anyone). His blog is a bit of a hodge-podge about everything from his family vacations (in which he tore Legoland a new one) to his encounters in his practice to funny links his readers send in to him. Sometimes, I get the feeling that he just may not be as Grumpy as he seems though. I can totally see him pulling a Grinch move and giving free healthcare for all on Christmas. I see through you Dr. Grumpy.

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