Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woah hiatus

And....we're back.

At least for the time being. Sorry about the crazy hiatus, but med school hit me like a truck in the face. I figured that passing medical school was only slightly more important than keeping up with my blog. I know, I know, dag nab it, get my priorities straight.

From when I started anatomy to now, I feel like I have learned so much it's unbelievable. People not in medical school are now impressed with the amount of knowledge I have. It's weird and disconcerting. I can only imagine this trend will continue into 2nd and 3rd year. I can't wait to be on rotations where people will actually think I have some clue what I am doing. lulz.

Anyways, if ya'll have any requests for things I should tell you about the last 8 months, leave 'em in the comments. Otherwise, I will commence onwards.

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