Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why did the settlers stay in the north?

Sorry for dropping off the grid there.

I sort of mean that literally since we lost power back on Saturday. But fortunately, we got it back late Monday evening!

Let's list the worst things about losing power:
  1. It's 30 degrees outside. Our house was 53 degrees. It was motherflippin' cold. It's not so bad when you are under four giant comforters fully clothed. But it is bad when you have to get up to use the toilet. Holy mother of that is cold. I am jealous of men.
  2. Our hedgehog could have died. They start to hibernate in cold weather, and we read in our "Hedgehog Manual" that hibernating domestic hedgehogs could die from it.
  3. No internetz.
  4. No phone (land line was down too).
  5. Our Halloween was cancelled. You heard me. Cancelled! Too bad kiddos, the big bad snowstorm has taken your fun and joy away, replacing it with shivers and hunger pains.
  6. Our refrigerator and freezer are decimated. I don't even want to look inside them. But I have to clean them out today.
  7. No video games. And seriously, I was in the middle of an awesome video game when we lost power. And of course it didn't save. So now I have to play the entire sequence AGAIN.
  8. Your nutrition goes to crap. Mmm, I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for 3 meals a day. You don't really need anything else in your diet, right med school?
But the absolute worst part:
THE DVR STOPPED WORKING. Oh the horror! No Simpsons Halloween special, no Kitchen Nightmares, NO DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. #firstworldproblems
I called the gym to ask if their hot tub was working.

"Yes, it's working, we didn't lose power."

Sweet! So I head to the gym, and there is a sign at the front desk: "Attention members: we are sorry for the inconvenience but the hot tub is colder than usual."

I look deadpan at the front desk woman and said, "So when I just called asking you about the hot tub? You told me it was working."

Without blinking the woman says, "It is working. It's just cold."

....thank you. Thank you for making my 3 days of miserable cold so much better.

It's all okay though. Happy badger thing is happy.

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  1. How do you have a hedgehog?!

    Also, that is horrible. I think I would have totally flipped out on the lady at the front desk about the hot tub. Glad you have power back!