Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vicious circle of happiness

So as you may or may not know, I read a lot of books. Not like "Medical Physiology and You", but more like FUN books. Pleasure reading. You remember that?

Anyways, for the past four years, I have been using Russ Allbery's reviews for Science Fiction and Fantasy (my genre of choice):

So I sent him an email in July.

I have been reading your reviews for several years now; I love them! I rarely disagree with your ratings, and it is so fantastic how you've set up your website so that I can see the ratings without any of the spoilers. I just read Kushiel's Dart, something I never would have picked up had it not been for your reviews. It was amazing!

I know you probably get a lot of mail, but I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for your reviews. I recommend you to all the other science fiction readers I know.

Have a nice day,

For those of you wondering, Kushiel's Dart is amazing, and I highly recommend it. Don't let the cover fool you; it is not some cheap Harlequin romance novel. Also, you cannot quit until you've read at least 100 pages. If you don't like it by then, we probably can't be friends.

Anyways! In November, a mere six months later, he emailed me back!

Hi! I'm sure you weren't expecting a reply to this after all these months. :)

Thank you for this note! I was going to reply to it immediately when it came in, but then got distracted by something, and it then got lost in my mail backlog and I never did. But I ran across it today and figured better late than never.

I'm really glad you've enjoyed them! And I'm particularly delighted that you found a book that you'd never otherwise read because of them; I think that's particularly rewarding.

Thanks for taking a moment to send your email; it made my day brighter (a couple of times!).


Well, Russ, I'm here to tell you that YOUR email made MY day brighter (a couple of times!). It's a never-ending cycle, because now I'm going to pass on the happiness:

There is nothing better than a gleeful, clapping otter. Except Russ Allbery's reviews.
So all my science fiction/fantasy readers, check that site out! It's bananas!

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