Monday, September 12, 2011

The first exam is the hardest part?

I took my first medical school exam today. It was actually a very non-stressful day. I woke up at 7:30am (sleeping in for the win!), had a nice commute in (40 minutes), took the exam, and got out of class for the day at 11:30am!

Woah! An entire day without work and without being behind? What will I do with this gift?

Have a party? (Wait for it...kudos to you if you get it)
(Those who don't get this picture, don't go looking it up) (Credit to Zeke)

Drink heavily?
Jump up and down? Probably not, my knees hurt.

Instead, here is how my day actually shaped up:

Now, I suppose it's a little unfair to say the test was not stressful. Here is an example of one of our practice exam questions:

 1.   A six year old girl is brought in for evaluation of short stature. She is of normal intelligence, but upon further work-up is found to have a coarctation of the aorta, a single kidney, short fourth metacarpals and widely spaced nipples. Karyotype is most likely to show:

a.      47,XX,+21
b.     47,XXX
c.      46,XX
d.     46,X,del(Xp)
e.      45,XX,der(13,14)(q10;10)

Here is an example of a question from our exam today:

Pedigree from here
If C10 carries the Cystic Fibrosis gene, and A14 is a rainbow unicorn, what is the probability N4 will buy a red car? 

Alright, maybe I exaggerate. But not by much.

I hope this isn't a pattern.

PS. As an aside, we are the first med school class that does not have to *purchase* practice exams. You heard me correctly. Previous classes had to pay $40 for practice exams last year (which went to charity). As if my tuition isn't enough. We calculated it out, and our entire class is paying $17,000 per lecture. But no practice exams for med students. I can just imagine last year: "Oh man, should I pass my exam or eat this week? Decisions, decisions." Is it just me, or should our school be forced to attend our ethics class?

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  1.'s been a while, but shouldn't the genotype in your practice question be 45 XO? Or is it the 46 X, del(Xp) (i.e. a partial Turner's)? much to learn...isn't learning the 40-item differential for a headache enough for one day?