Monday, September 19, 2011

Best trade ever

Check out my new bling at the top!

I even have a new favicon logo!

Courtesy of Tyler Louie. Unfortunately, you'd probably have to be friends with his fiance to get him to design a logo for you.

And you may or may not have made a deal to channel all his fiance's girly wedding talk to you, instead of him. Because he was listening to her indecision about earrings for hours on end. And let's be honest, Tyler doesn't care about earrings.

But I do need some type of catch phrase. I've been unsuccessfully trying to think of one. Anyone have any ideas? I'll give you a cookie if you come up with one.

"Medical school. Family. Life." was what I was using before. Did you all like that?

I was also thinking of "An overshare of medical school life" or "Space Fighter Pilot. Doctor. Close enough."

Please give me ideas for tag lines. I'd be so grateful. My brain just refuses to work most of the time anymore unless I am thinking about glycolysis, TCA, birth defects or histology slides.

1 comment:

  1. How about "Life, Family, Medicine. Not necessarily in that order"? PS Love your blog!