Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Talk of the retirement community?

My Grandma called me today. She only had one thing to tell me. She is "so excited" that I'm starting medical school because "no other grandchild in her retirement community got into med school" and she can "brag about me to the other grandmothers." She then laughed, relishing having the only medical student granddaughter in her circle of friends.

Well clearly, Gram, that's why I did it. So I could be the talk of Florida and make you proud.

Who would have thought little old ladies would be so competitive?

Keep in mind this is the same Grandma who regularly asks me about my sex life, will tell her children how to redecorate their houses (fully expecting her advice to be heeded), and told my mother growing up that if she didn't sleep with a guy by the second date, she'd never hold his interest.

My grandma rocks.

Closest picture I could find to how young my Gran looks, even though she's 80!
As a side note, who would have thought Googling "Grandma" would get so many photos of cute grandmothers flipping the bird? Wait, what's this other image?....awesome Google.

The Terminana


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