Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Andromeda?

Well there's the obvious and cliche; "Andromeda" has the word "med" in it, and this blog is intended to be a chronicle of medical school. For me, "Andromeda" brings up visions of a far-away galaxy and I've always maintained that my dream job would be a space fighter pilot. But those don't exist. Yet. So I'll have to settle for medicine. Lastly, I flash back to one of my first science fiction reads by Michael Crighton (RIP) and it makes me smile. My love affair with science fiction will continue throughout my life, I am sure.

But why Andromeda? Why a blog? What value can you add to the vastness of the Interwebz?

And all I can answer to this question is: wait and see. I hope what I have to say will touch something in someone. I hope my experiences will help a young woman out there who is determined to follow her dreams. I hope my crazy blend of family life, humor and brutal truth will inspire someone else, make someone laugh, give someone a push to re-evaluate their life. And of course, Andromeda is for me. To have somewhere to write it all down, get it off my chest, sort out my thoughts.

Maybe Andromeda will do none of these things, but I'm going to begin it anyways.

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