Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sticking with it

Three years ago, literally sick with my sedentary lifestyle, I told some friends at work I was going to get into shape. They rolled their eyes: "Sounds good, K8".

Six months ago, those same friends commented, "Wow, K8, you sure stuck with that exercise thing huh?" To my surprise, I did. I try to exercise almost every day with varying degrees of success. I do everything from running, swimming, biking, spinning, yoga and semi-serious weight lifting.

It's a double edged sword that my husband always sports a six-pack...whether he exercises and eats right or not. On the one hand, yay for me. On the other hand, it is all too easy for me to slide into complacency and let my body go. One look at him and I remember that I should bust my butt to the gym today.

Several months ago, I did my first ever unassisted pull-up from rest (no cheating!). Men, quit scoffing. For a girl, that is quite a feat. Our upper body strength is so lacking that we actually have to put in work to do pull-ups. I'm looking at you, husband.

I'm worried though: will I be able to sustain an exercise routine in medical school? I've heard varying responses to this question: "No way!" "You have to exercise to stay sane" "Psh, I run in the Olympics in my spare time, it's a breeze", and so I've settled that it is probably unique to the individual. Time will tell.

The good news is there is a YMCA right across the street from my medical school with a special discounted student membership. Only cost tens of thousands of dollars per year to get that discount. Woot!

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