Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shameless plug for my blog

Yes, you heard right. I own a hedgehog. I present to you: Soda the Hedgehog!

Sleepy hedgehog face
She's an African Pgymy Hedgehog, and she's fairly easy to take care of. She doesn't require any shots (no vet bills!) and she only eats a tablespoon of catfood a day. Also, she eats bugs. House centipedes: you don't stand a chance. Don't click on that link. Oh too late, you say? Sorry.

She isn't as intelligent as a cat. She has very little depth perception; she'll just run off the couch without regard to whether or not there is actually anything under her feet. But she'll cuddle with you, and did I mention how cute she is?

Look at her little tongue!

She is nocturnal, and has prickly spines, so she's probably not the greatest pet for children. I brought her out for daytime pictures; she was not a happy camper.

She has a yellow paint dot on her back. The breeder told us that the color was to distinguish Soda as a female. She said the paint would come right off with Soda's first bath. That was two years and many baths ago.

But why am I still typing when I could be showing you more pictures of our hedgehog?

She made a friend. Just kidding. In reality, hedgehogs are very territorial. Not friends after all.

Alright Soda, let's get one pose out of you with your friends.

Sit still here Soda. No...wait, arg, stop running.

Not your butt. Your face.

*sigh* No really, just one picture.
So close, just turn...a little bit more...

There we go. Sort of. Your face is blurry. *sigh*

Hedgehogs love to fidget. Hedgehogs also love to run. They will run you up a storm. From the literature I've read, it seems hedgehogs run up to 2 miles a night!

If you really are interested in getting a hedgehog, I'd highly recommend An Owners Guide to A Happy Healthy Pet "The Hedgehog". Also, make sure they are legal in your state. Details.

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