Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I met an owl at lunch today

No really, that's not hyperbole. I really did meet an owl at lunchy lunch today. No, I do not know why there was an owl at the burger joint we ate at. But I am not complaining.

I see into your soul
Today was my farewell lunch from my engineering firm. My last day isn't until next week, but a lot of people are leaving for vacation, so we wanted to sit down while everyone was still in town.

I have a problem being easily distracted by animals. Any animal really; it doesn't even have to be cute. Owl, snake, ferret, tarantula; doesn't really matter to me. You can be guaranteed if I see an animal while I am with you, I will point in excitement, as if it is the first time I have seen said animal and spend the next 15 minutes preening over it. As I did with Mr. Owl. That's what I named him. Pretty clever, huh?

Yes, I fussed over a random owl while my co-workers stood idly by. I got to pet him, and I thought for sure I would explode from cuteness overload. I'm fairly certain most of my co-workers were reconsidering that maybe it was a good thing I am leaving for medical school.

I can't help it. I'm a sucker for vicious birds of prey. 

I would not want to mess with Mr. Owl

If I ever become a wizard, I call dibs on you

I, for one, welcome our new overlords

Yep, I've run out of witty remarks

Thank goodness huh?
I can't imagine I will ever have another post about owls, but we'll tag this post "owls" anyway

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