Saturday, July 30, 2011

I have organized our house to death (Part 1)

With medical school approaching fast, I've taken the month of July to deep clean and organize my house. As in, organize it for the next four years, so I don't have to do anything to it (other than basic cleaning).

While I may be living a fantasy about not having to change anything for the next four years, the results have been fantastic. I just feel better about myself every time I get home and the entire house looks like it could have come from "Okay Homes and Gardens" magazine.

I wish I could give sole credit to myself, but long ago, I recognized I have almost no decorating talent to speak of.

But my mother does.

Oh sure, I can tell when something went wrong with decorating, but only as an afterthought.

My mother architects her decorations. She is like a cake artist, knowing exactly how a room will shape up in her head before all the ingredients are put together. Her house looks like something you'd see in a celebrity magazine. When I visit for Christmas, I will take pictures so you all believe me. People come over to her house and beg her to decorate for them, to design curtains, to assemble centerpieces.

But she only decorates for family. Flawless victory for me.

I may be slightly neurotic
See those curtains? Mom's handiwork. And yes, that is Soda's cage. I know, I too am jealous of her tunnel.

See if you can find the Pokemon staring at you
Yes, it is a teensy bathroom and the tub is an outdated mustard yellow color

Are you a little concerned about my organization yet?
Woah, we actually have space to walk around our basement now. Craziness.

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