Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I do

My husband thinks I am nuts for writing a blog. He keeps referencing that House episode where a woman constantly blogs her every status, asking her online friends what to do medically instead of asking her husband. She blogs if her and her husband have a fight with every detailed moment of their life up for all to view.

Those of you reading my blog already realize that I am not blogging quite in that fashion, but my husband is adamantly against any of our relationship drama reaching this blog.

I have pinky-promised-sworn this will not happen, so those of you hoping for "The Jersey Shore - Medical School Edition" should leave now. I am going to sneak a bit of information about us in this blog though for context.

We got married recently. My "fiance" is now my "husband", and while nothing has changed, a little bit has changed. I am his Emergency contact, I took on all of his debt (as he prepares to take on mine from medical school), we have matching rings and the same last name now. But the real shift in my life has been that I have announced to the world my love for this man. He is my match, and I have been impatient to let everyone know that.

We wrote our own vows. I highly recommend this to anyone getting married. I will remember his words, his look and his commitment to me for the rest of my life; that was by far the best part of our wedding. Believe it or not, we had the crowd laughing pretty hard during our ceremony.

This is perhaps the key thing to know about my husband and I: we try not take ourselves too seriously. We build forts, have pillow fights, play video games, race up the stairs, wrestle, make up silly names for each other, wear ridiculous hats and scream wildly at a magic show so one of us will be pulled up on stage.

I had a friend tell me that his girlfriend was headed off to school in the fall, so they were deciding whether to break up or not. He told me that he was certain he could start a family with her and be perfectly happy, but if she went away for school, he'd be fine with letting her go.

My advice is that she's not the one. I could never let my husband go, and I know the feeling is mutual. My humble advice would be to never settle, because what you could have is spectacular, and you're not going to want to miss it.

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